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Indonesia has a long and rich history of leatherworking, which has been an integral part of the country’s culture for centuries. This traditional craft has been passed down through generations of artisans and has evolved over time, adapting to changes in materials, techniques, and styles. As a one of the best Indonesian leather goods suppliers, this blog post we will provide a brief overview of the history and culture of leather handmade inĀ Indonesia.


Best of Indonesian Leather Goods Suppliers


The Origins of The Best Indonesian Leather Goods Supplier

Leatherworking in Indonesia can be traced back to the 14th century when the country was ruled by the Majapahit Kingdom. The artisans of that time were skilled in creating Indonesia leather goods such as armor, shoes, belt, bags, etc which were used by the kingdom’s soldiers and elites. The leather was mostly sourced from cattle, buffaloes and reptile which were abundant in the region.

In the 1960s, there was a renewed interest in traditional Indonesian crafts, including leatherworking. This was spurred by the government’s efforts to promote Indonesia’s cultural heritage and tourism industry. As a result, many young artisans began to learn the craft from the older generation and started to produce high-quality Indonesian leather goods products.

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The Culture of Leatherworking in Indonesia

Today, Indonesian leather goods industry has grown significantly, and the country is known for producing some of the finest leather goods products in the world. The artisans use a variety of techniques and materials, including cowhide, buffalo hide, goat skin and reptile, to create products such as bags, shoes, belts, wallets, etc.

Indonesia is well-known for producing various leather-based products, such as shoes, bags, accessories, jackets and many more. The country is rich in animal populations whose skins serve as the primary raw materials for the leather goods industry. The Indonesian leather goods suppliers in this industry has several manufacturers who create different kinds of leather products. Some popular handmade leather crafts manufacturers in Indonesia include our products and produces well-designed leather goods, including original designs and custom leather bags, wallets etc.


Indonesian leather goods makers offer high-quality leather products, with most manufacturers utilizing 100% genuine leather. Some popular Indonesian leather goods include leather shoes, leather bags, leather wallets, leather belts, leather jackets, and leather sandals, among others. Indonesian leather products are highly sought after globally, with the country being one of the largest producers of leather-based products worldwide.


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